About Us


index_image1During the fall of 1955 Brothers Raleigh and J.W. Camp started their drilling while still employed with Cone Mills in North Carolina.

Their first well drilling machine, a cable-tool percussion drill, was purchased from Jack Faw at Drillers Services, Inc. in Hickory, NC. Mr. Faw had just started his business, a supply house for water well drillers, just a short time earlier.

When the brothers realized they could make a living drilling wells, they both left Cone Mills and began working full time at Camp Brothers. Jimmy started working with his father, J.W., and Uncle Raleigh from the very beginning, after school, Saturdays, and summers. He accompanied them to drill the very first well when he was only nine years old.

The company purchased their first air rotary drill in 1968. This machine had compressed air power, and was much faster to operate and get the well drilled.

Over the course of time, the company began installing pumps in the wells that were drilled, as well as service work on other pumps and plumbing. With installing and servicing pumps came more equipment, in the form of pump hoists and easy-pullers in order to install and pull the pumps quicker. Trenchers and Bob Cats were added to take care of the water lines and electrical lines. Hydro-fracturing equipment was purchased as soon as it was available to well drillers to try to obtain more gallons-per-minute in a well.

The company was incorporated as Camp’s Well & Pump Company, INC. in 1978 with J.W. and Jimmy running the business and everyday operations. Today, Jimmy and his son, David, look after all aspects of the operations and work. Through the years, the company has strived to accomplish all the work that is required in order to provide our customers with quality water for their home, business, farm, or industry.

Camp’s Well & Pump Co., Inc. currently has five employees with the Level A classification for drilling and pump installation, certified through the North Carolina Well Contractors Certification Commission. We are also members of the North Carolina Ground Water Association. Jimmy is a certified well driller and pump installer with the National Ground Water Association as well as a North Carolina Plumbing Contractor. David just recently completed a course certifying him in the installation and repair of the newest type of pump on the market, the constant pressure pump.

With over half a century of experience in the well drilling industry in Rutherford County, we offer outstanding service and professionalism to each customer in the county and its surrounding counties.

If you have questions or comments please contact us or give us a call 800.472.8736.